Community Business Resouce Council

Professional Services



CBRC Services


Strategic Growth

CBRC conducts a Strategic Growth Analysis - then design and implement the best growth strategy for your company



Accounting & Finance

CBRC helps clients by freeing them from the complexities of accounting, tax, and financial management issues.




Business Law

Business law dealing with contracts, employees, real estate, intellectual property and franchises. Let us help you with legal matters.



Multimedia Marketing

We have the skills and hands-on knowledge to market and brand your company, no matter your size and industry.




Business Funding

CBRC help entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and business Owners obtain funding without using debt financing from a bank.




International Business

We are a leader in International Business Management dedicated to assist our client to implement their international strategic growth plan by going global.




HR Services

We help your organization grow by maximizing our highly skilled Human Resource professionals to your specific project needs




Sales Development

Maybe your sales force is fine the way it is - maybe it's not. We provide a full service to meet your sales development needs.





IT Solutions

The goal of our Information Technology Services (ITS) is to advance your business operations through the support of applications and leading technologies.



Facility Management

We work to reduce the operating expenses while keeping your property safe, clean, comfortable, and energy efficient.