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Strategic Growth



Strategic Growth Planning & Implementation

If you are like many of our clients, you are looking to enhance the long-term growth of your business, school, or nonprofit. With this in mind, we have designed our services and approach to help you build a platform to experience continuous strategic growth.


Our approach begins by interviewing your highest-level executives on what they want to accomplish. This open discussion helps us to (1) obtain a clear understanding of your vision, and (2) clarify all of your critical business challenges. Next, we conduct a diagnostic strategic growth analysis to help us diagnose your critical business issues with quantitative and qualitative data, which we use to help us create business solutions designed to help you to grow and accomplish your vision more efficiently.


Most of our clients do not have an effective well-defined growth strategy. However, if you honestly believe that you already know all of your critical business issues, then we begin outlining how we would resolve your challenges, how much time it would take, and what is required from your organization. We will begin working upon your agreement of the project's scope of work.


Needless to say, we strongly recommend and believe that you receive better value when you allow us to conduct a diagnostic strategic growth analysis to identify all of your critical business challenges. After we finish the analysis, our next step is to develop a growth plan that will provide you with a detailed outline explaining how we can help you to increase revenue, solve your critical business challenges, and expedite your vision and goals.



The planning process could take as little as two days –or- as long as three months depending on your current strategic planning situation. From this planning process we begin implementing growth solutions focusing on the all 8 Areas of Strategic Growth. During this phase we make recommendations to our clients on implementing improvements making it easier to deliver continuous results.





8 Areas of Strategic Growth

1. Advance Strategic Leadership

2. Develop Growth Strategy

3. Increase Customers & Members

4. Differetiate Products & Services

5. Establish Strong Value Proposition

6. Grow Workflow Systems & Processes

7. Implement Performance Measures

8. Improve Ability to Execute








“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.” Warren Buffet