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Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP)



Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP)




Our Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP) generates revenue for schools & nonprofits by teaching students how to take an idea of their own and engage in entrepreneurial practices while reinvesting 40% of their earnings back to the school or a nonprofit of their choice.





Our curriculum provides a unique experience for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to take an idea of their own and turn it into an actual business in a tutorial and experiential setting. Students actually compose a written business plan and engage in entrepreneurial efforts designed to generate revenue for themselves and their school/nonprofit. Students establish collaborative partnerships by engaging executives of private, public and nonprofit sectors. In fact, eligible students receive up to $3,000 to complete our program and to put towards the start-up costs of their business.



We engage public, private and nonprofit sectors to serve the community. Our certified instructors use an NxLeveL™ curriculum designed for students who want to start a business and need to learn the skills to test the feasibility of their business concept. Our program creates partnerships with businesses in order to offer schools, churches or nonprofits additional revenue, expertise, mentorship, and experience. Furthermore, our program is completely self-funded through corporate sponsors and foundation grants.



Our strategy provides long-term entrepreneurship development by giving entrepreneurs access to capital. Additionally, students receive access to coaching and networks that brings entrepreneurs together to learn, share, and connect to markets in new ways. By requiring collaboration, students give 20% of their net income to CBRC and 40% to your school or nonprofit organization. The results jumpstart their micro-economy and instill the virtues of philanthropy. Our hope is that our strategy produces an entrepreneur culture and a successful model that will showcase in other regions.


Fostering an entrepreneur culture within a community is required for any excellent entrepreneurship program. Therefore, our students plan and host a city-wide Business Plan Expo & Competition, which is sponsored by corporate businesses. This provides a forum for students to learn how to cultivate professional business relationships while obtaining sponsorships for their school or nonprofit. During the Expo, students have the opportunity to sell their products and services at the Expo while learning important skills in business planning and financial management.



The Student Entrepreneurship Program is not only evaluated based on the student's ability to learn concepts of entrepreneurship; but their ability to write a comprehensive business plan; to put their business concepts into practice; generate business revenue; and reinvest 40% of their total earnings to their school, church or nonprofit. The results will jump-start their micro-economy, and instills the virtue of giving back to the community. 


Start a Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP)
CBRC can run a Student Entrepreneurship Program located in the Dallas Fort Worth & Chicagoland metro areas. We are now soliciting proposals from schools and nonprofit organizations that desires to teach students of all ages the power of taking an idea of their own and turning it into a business venture that generates revenue for their school or nonprofit. For more information please contact Anthony G. Fant at