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The StEP Curriculum



Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP) Curriculum


CBRC’s Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP) uses an NxLeveL™ curriculum designed for students who want to start a business and need the skills to test the feasibility of their business concept. Students develop a business plan which acts as the blueprint for their start-up venture and enables them to prepare themselves to work through the various states of business growth and development.



Week 1: Introduction / Develop Your Business Concept
Gain understanding of business planning
Assessing personal and business aptitude
Explore differences between retail, service and manufacturing
Identifying sources of ideas for business opportunities
Begin to develop concrete business concept through mission statement and goals

Week 2: Business Start-Up Options
Market Research
Explore business entry options
Gain understanding of research tools
Begin industry research
Continue exploring business entry options
Develop product/services descriptions

Week 3: Business Fundamentals / Testing the Idea
Evaluate legal structures of business
Determine ways to minimize asset risk
Identify management and employee relations strategies necessary for business success
Learn how to perform market research & analysis
Learn key concepts terms and how-to’s of marketing

Week 4: Getting to the Market / Understanding Budgets and Financials
Learn and develop marketing strategies
Explore differences between marketing and advertising
Learn to attract potential customers
Understand budgets and cash-flow projections and their use as a management tool
Develop “break-even Analysis” scenarios
Understand balance sheets and profit/loss statements

Week 5: Raising the Money / Getting Started with your Future
Evaluate Financial Options Determine which is best for you
Learn how to obtain corporate sponsors and grant funding
Determine your business feasibility

Week 6: Putting it all Together / Test Your Aptitude for Learning
Completing a written comprehensive business plan and start your business
Upon successful completion, students are tested for their understanding of the following:

  • What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
  • How to develop and test their business concept
  • How to select the best business entry option
  • How to research and market their business
  • How to understand and get their financials in order