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Maybe your sales force is fine the way it is... Maybe it's not. How can you tell?

  • Let Us Become Your Sales Force
    If you are not making progress with closing a prospect, then let us do it for you.  If you simply dread the entire sales process, can’t find leads, despise cold calling or simply do not have time to set appointments; then please let us do it for you. Our Sales Force Outsourcing Solution removes the anxiety and pressure that a business experiences, by allowing you to concentrate on your core business and use us to get you more business. We will establish those relationships you are seeking, get sales in the door and your competitors will be looking at you wondering how you did it.
  • Let Us Evaluate Your Sales Force

    Evaluating your sales force is an important step in the process of deciding whether and how to grow your sales team. For example, some companies do most of their selling through mail order or the Internet - while other companies do most of their selling by requiring their sales force to have face-to-face interactions with customers in order to get the sale.


    Evaluating your sales force means that you must clarify whether your sales force is to immediately generate sales or perhaps develop contacts for a sales cycle that may stretch into months or years. Do you want a sales force that is responsible for simply closing the sale –or- do you want a sales force who takes more of a consultative approach?

  • Let Us Measure Your Sales Force Productivity
    Key Performance Indicators are used to evaluate a salesperson’s productivity that are driven by their basic activities. These indicators should not be intended for discipline, and are very important in forecasting wins and losses. Many companies focus on the wrong activities and levels at which they are measured and unintentionally demotivate their sales force. Along with our proven training, we will assist your executive team on the realistic, attainable and measurable Key Performance Indicators that will energize and focus your team!

For example, it is useful to know the ratio of the following data:


Individual Salesperson –to- Average Salesperson
Customer Interaction -to- Written Proposals
Written Proposals -to- Closing the Sales
Written Proposals -to- Not Closing the Sale

  • Let Us Hire Your Sales Force
    Adding the right salespeople can result in steadily increasing sales. This can free you up to spend time and energy on other tasks. Hiring the wrong salespeople could hurt sales, erode profits, damage valuable customer relationships, and destroy your image in the marketplace. The difference between these two scenarios is the difference between hiring the right salespeople and the wrong ones.


    Matching your company's needs with a salesperson’s selling style is wisest step to hiring your sales force. Salespeople aren't just the people responsible for building your bottom line. They're also your front-line troops, the ones with the most daily contact with your customers. It's important to not only grow your sales force, but to grow it properly.

  • Let Us Help You Retain Your Sales Force

    According to findings from Deloitte’s fourth annual “Ethics & Workplace Survey,”

    • 46% of those who want to change jobs are mainly motivated by a loss of trust in their employers
    • 48% percent said a lack of transparent communication from their organization’s leadership was the reason why they were not happy at work
    • 1/3 of American workers claim they will look for a new job once the economy gets better

    Misunderstanding a company's compensation package is the #1 reason for dissatisfaction and high turnover for any sales force. Clarifying a simple compensation package, territory, and performance expectations – along with providing quality sales trainings, sales tools and a precise description of the market and the competition will greatly increase your employment retention amongst your sales force.
  • Let Us Train Your Sales Force
    Sales productivity may involve more than simply generating dollars of sales. Your sales force may be moving a lot of product now but costing you sales later by alienating customers with making promises you cannot deliver on, overburdening your production and shipping departments. They may be selling a lot of the wrong products (items with low margins or high support costs) while ignoring your more profitable lines. These salespeople could be costing you more than they're worth.


    That’s why we study your company’s products, services, leadership, customers, competition, workflow processes, value proposition, compensation package, territories, and performance expectations before we create a timeline of customized sales training programs for your sales force.