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Multimedia Marketing & Design



Multimedia Marketing & Design

It's been said, “You can either market the same thing to new customers -or- market a new thing to the same customers.” --- CBRC's Business Analysts says, "You need to do both."


Whether you need a new logo design or full blown media portfolio, CBRC is uniquely positioned to take your company’s graphic and communication pieces to the next level. We have the skills and hands-on knowledge to market and brand your company, no matter your size and industry.


Multimedia Marketing & Design


We are not just another outstanding multimedia marketing & design team. We are your trusted advisors. We want to get to know you and your company, where you’ve been and where you’re going. We want to understand how your marketing fits together in the big picture…and how we can make it fit better.



We will work with you to develop a realistic and achievable marketing plan. We gather information to help us to know your customers point of view of your organization. Next, we look at all aspects of your marketing strategy to find the gaps between "What You Do" -Vs.- "Your Customers Perception".


Finally, we develop a written marketing plan that balances all multimedia marketing forums. We make the whole marketing and graphic design process comfortable, and results-oriented. It’s not just business for us…it’s personal.



Our multimedia marketing gurus will execute the written marketing plan. We are passionate multimedia marketers and graphic designers. We love what we do and we love to have fun. We’re not just interested in the success of your project – we’re interested in the success of your company. Driving business to you is not only our goal... it's our mission.