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Human Resource Services

Professional HR Services - Helping You Take Charge of Your Human Resources!

We help your organization grow by maximizing our highly skilled HR professionals to your specific project needs such as:

Recruiting & Onboarding Services
Finding and retaining top talent is crucial to every organization. We tailor recruiting plans to effectively help you identify the right people for your work culture and positions. We work on either single or multiple positions. We handle the entire staffing process:

  • Recruiting and screening applicants to your specifications
  • Coordinating pre-employment testing and reference/background checks
  • Helping you develop the right salary package and negotiating the offer
  • Implementing an effective orientation process
  • Maintaining a candidate pipeline for those frequently filled positions

Performance Management Service
All employees need feedback on their performance. This should happen on an ongoing basis throughout the year, with a formal performance process to recap the highlights from a specific timeframe. Many organizations don’t know how to create a performance appraisal process that fosters communication and drives corporate objectives. We maximize your employee’s performance by:

  • Working with your executives to develop an effective Employee Policy Procudure Manual
  • Designing solid platforms to provide effective performance feedback and rewards
  • Training your supervisors and employees on the performance appraisal process

Compensation Service
We stay current with industry trends in compensation. Through ongoing participation in formal market surveys, we understand how other companies in your region are compensating their employees. We bring this insight to our clients' decision-making processes. We can support your organization in a number of ways by:

  • Enhancing productivity with up-to-date job descriptions and expectations
  • Providing benchmark salary data to ensure you are paying competitively
  • Conducting market surveys specific to your industry/geographic area
  • Creating the right pay plans including all types of incentive pay

Employee Benefits Services
Benefits play an increasingly important role in the lives of your employees and their families. They also have a significant financial and administrative impact on your organization. With the cost of healthcare on the rise, employers need to be smart about what they offer employees and how it is communicated. We are a resource in a number of areas including:

  • Identifying benefit opportunities to help you stay competitive and connected with outstanding partners
  • Putting together communication programs that get employees excited about the benefit offerings
  • Assisting with open enrollment communications and paperwork
  • Handling your benefits administration on a day to day basis

Employee Relations Services
Every company wants to retain and grow the good people they hire. We help our clients stay ahead of potential issues through supervisory training and coaching, team building exercises, periodic review of compensation and benefits structure, and by confidential feedback and suggestions for improvement from employees. We can help you create and maintain a positive working environment by:

  • Providing coaching to your managers on how to handle employee issues and terminations
  • Soliciting employee feedback in a variety of ways including employee surveys
  • Implementing outplacement activities for separated employees
  • Monitoring turnover and other critical metrics
  • Facilitating team building training sessions
  • Designing exit interview programs