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How Service Grant Works



How Does a Service Grant Work?

What is a Service Grant

Grant funding in the form of in-kind services to small- to mid-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations that are poised for financial growth and are in need of technical staff assistance from a team of highly skilled professionals to successfully develop and implement growth strategies for you.


Unlike traditional foundations that make cash grants, CBRC awards 24-month service grants to small-to-midsized businesses & nonprofit organizations. A service grant assigns a team of highly skilled professionals to deliver a full array of professional services completing short & long term projects. The service grant helps firms increase their cash flow & productivity without increasing their salary and benefit expense from hiring more staff or consultants.

Who is responsible for paying the salary of a professional staff?

​CBRC receive financial support from major corporations. We are able to hire our entire staff and assign a team of 3-5 highly skilled business professionals to work with our clients. The salary of a professional team is primarily funded by grants & corporate sponsors. Clients only pay a portion of the salary costs.


Through cost sharing, our clients simply pay what they can afford to hire a professional staff. In fact, our clients may choose to pay their portion in the form of a fixed monthly rate or as a percentage commission based on new sales profit.

What is cost sharing and how does it work?

“Cost Sharing” is when a portion of our professional fees are paid through grant funding and corporate sponsors, while the remaining portion is paid by the client. CBRC’s grant makers and corporate sponsors require this cost sharing program as a condition of receiving funding. Our professional teams are not free resources; but are teams that our corporate sponsors are willing to subsidize to help serious small business and nonprofits expand. Clients may choose to pay their portion in the form of a monthly salary -or as a commission based on new sales profit.

If you award us a Service Grant, when will it start?

Based on your grant application and scheduled meetings, our team makes recommendations to the Executive Director who will conduct an on-site Strategic Growth Analysis and answer any questions you may have. The Executive Director makes the final recommendations to the Board of Directors about providing your firm with a Letter of Engagement and Service Agreement. This signals our intent to award a service grant. In most cases, this meeting usually leads to signing the Service Agreement. Our work begin after your grant application is completely processed, which typically takes 2-4 weeks.

What are the deadlines to apply for a service grant?

We award service grants four (4) times throughout the year. If you miss a deadline, your application may be considered for the next round. Service grant applications must be received by the following deadline dates:

  • January 25, 2016
  • April 25, 2016
  • July 25, 2016
  • October 25, 2016