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CBRC's Church Partnership



CBRC's Church Partnership

Church Growth by Bringing God’s Kingdom in the Marketplace

Does your church desire to cultivate your ministry through the marketplace?

For years, Christians involved in business thought their only usefulness in ministry was using their gifts / talents to serve their local church; but their church provided very little (if any) ministerial support to help grow their business in the marketplace. However, a new paradigm is emerging that advocates bringing God's kingdom into the marketplace to open nonbelievers' eyes and create an appetite for the gospel.


Experience Church Growth Through Marketplace Ministry

Through a Marketplace Ministry, churches have reported growth due to the Lord breaking down barriers that have existed among genders, and denominations. For the first time, business owners are finding community, teaching, and fellowship opportunities with other entrepreneurs in their local church. Business owners are comfortably sharing their faith and inviting their customers and colleagues to church. Please take part in transforming lives in the marketplace by creating a community for business owners.


On-Going "Ministerial Style" Training To Impact Lives of People In Business

Community Business Resource Council (CBRC) would like to partner with churches who desire impact the lives of people in business through a Marketplace Ministry, which provides FREE on-going “ministerial style” training workshops to help grow businesses and nonprofits.

CBRC will provide grants in the form of in-kind services to the participants of the Marketplace Ministry poised for financial growth and in need of technical staff assistance from a team of highly skilled professionals to implement strategic growth plans.


Benefits of Becoming a CBRC Church Partner

Please become a CBRC Church Partner to grow your church and help us accomplish our mission, which is to grow small-to-medium sized businesses / nonprofit organizations so that they can create new jobs for other people.

For more information about the features and benefits of our church partnership, please contact us.


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