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CBRC's Crowd Funding Platform
Previously, entrepreneurs couldn't sell shares in privately held companies to the general public. Now The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which is a bipartisan bill signed into law on April 5, 2012, makes access to capital more readily available for small-to-medium size businesses by allow them to use “Crowd Funding” to raise up to $1 million in small increments by selling small amounts of equity to thousands of small investors over the Internet. Our govenmnet approved Crowd Funding Platform can get you access to capital.


Grant Funding Services

CBRC’s Entrepreneurship Funding Directory website is available to anyone with Internet access through our affiliation with The Foundation Center. One of the most comprehensive databases that provide a wide range of funding support for individuals for purposes, including grants, scholarships, fellowships, program development, internships, research, and general welfare. We are a premier resource for locating in-depth information about grants. Our resources include over one million grant opportunities from about 90,000 grant-makers. Let us obtain the grant funding you need.


Venture Capital Funding
Our Venture Capital Investment Program (VCIP) is a public-private investment partnership created to help fill the gap between the availability of growth capital and the needs of small businesses. We do not invest directly in small businesses; relying instead on the expertise of qualified private investment funds. We license these funds as Small Business Investment Firms and supplement the capital they raise from private investors with access to low-cost government-guaranteed debt. With the financial backing from these two sources, we search for promising small-to-medium sized businesses in need of equity financing. Will you allow our investment partners help you obtain venture capital while you concentrate on your core business?


Funding By Licensing
Have you considered licensing? Getting a large company to license your ideas, products and services is a cost-effective strategic growth solution; but it is not a simple task. Our licensing specialists are here to help you sell licensing deals to major Fortune 500 Corporations, which allows you to receive funding to launch your products or services as you keep complete ownership of your idea and receive royalty payments. Will you let our licensing specialists close a licensing deal for you?


Franchising Your Business
Franchising your business is a proven route to rapid growth. Becoming a franchisor is not easy – especially in a challenging economy. Still, many business owners dream of having a network of franchisees. If you're considering franchising your business, then know that just because you qualify to sell franchises doesn't mean you will find buyers. Becoming a successful new franchisor entails making many thoughtful decisions early on that will affect your business for years to come. There's also a lot of legal paperwork to make sure your business complies with federal and state laws. CBRC has the expertise to help you become a successful franchisor. Let us help you.


Initial Public Offering (IPO) - Going Public

We specialize in helping early-stage, small and medium size companies complete an initial public offering, which is a transaction whereby an investment banking firm raises investment capital and takes a company public. Our business strategists coordinate every part of the process of assisting private companies through the planning, implementation and management of the initial public offering transaction. If you are looking to go public, then let us help you.


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