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CBRC's Youth Biz Camps



CBRC's Youth Biz Camps

Biz Camps is a 2-week day camps for students ages 13-18 who are interested in entrepreneurship.


CBRC's Youth Biz Camps offer participants a fun, intensive “mini-MBA” style course in entrepreneurship where youth participants learn the basics of putting together a business plan while also developing valuable academic and life skills. Taught by charismatic, experienced teachers who often have small business backgrounds themselves, students are led through the principles of business creation and operation during a two-week period.

At the end of the camp, students present their plans to a panel of judges for a chance to win seed capital. Biz Camps take place during the summer or during school breaks. They are offered free of charge to all participants who meet household income requirements.


Camp activities include:

  • Classroom lessons: We cover return on investment, opportunity recognition, and marketing.
  • Field Trips: Students visit local wholesale stores and meet local entrepreneurs.
  • Business plan competition: Students present their businesses to a panel of judges for seed capital.
  • Guest speakers: Business owners present to complement lessons being taught throughout the course.

Biz Camps offer the following:

  • Serves youth ages 15-18
  • Two weeks of instruction on how to start and operate a business
  • Traditionally held on university campuses during summer months
  • A business plan competition at the end of the Biz Camp where
  • Eligible Student can win seed capital for their business ideas
  • Field trips to operating businesses and other relevant locations
  • Business plan coaching by adult volunteers experienced in business
  • Fun activities such as sporting events, movies, theme parks etc.

Logistics Necessary to Run a Biz Camp:

  • Classroom facilities for 25 students and 4 small breakout rooms
  • Breakfast, lunch and snack daily provided by the host institution
  • Transportation (buses / vans) for 3 field trips
  • Access to a local businesses for field trips (manufacturing facility would be ideal)
  • Access to a wholesale market for buying event and selling area for selling event
  • Access to computers with internet access and standard Microsoft Office programs

Start a Biz Camp
CBRC can run Biz Camps at any location. We are now soliciting proposals from companies and businesses that specialize in running youth summer enrichment programs, and are looking to implement entrepreneurship summer camps starting in 2013. For more information please contact Anthony G. Fant at