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Adopt-A-School Campaign

Our Adopt-A-School Campaign creates a "School-Business Partnership" designed to help small businesses to market and advertise their products or services through several marketing outlets such as telemarketing and social network marketing. In return, local small business will provide additional needed resources for the school.


School-Business Partnerships (SBP) create collaborations between the school, students, and local small businesses. This collaboration accomplishes specific goals and activities intended to provide win-win benefits for the students, school, and businesses. This partnership offers the school, its students' and teachers' additional revenue, mentorship, resources, and support needed in schools across this country. The mission of a School-Business Partnership is to identify, create, recognize and support business and school partnerships to accomplish the following results:

  • School, students, and businesses generate revenue through collaboration
  • Small businesses gains the ability to grow their business through our call center
  • School gains access to mentor, tutors, volunteers, products, and funding
  • Students obtain work experience that prepares them for the real world

Examples of School-Business Partnerships (SBP)

School administrators across the country—Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Oakland and others—reported using The Adopt-A-School Program founded in Oakland in the late 1970s. This program is now evolving into a support mechanism whereby businesses contribute human and capital resources. These partnerships reflect both gifts of dollars and volunteer hours. What business people do best for the school is provide teachers and principals additional financial covering they need.

Nearly 70 percent of all school districts engaged in some form of business partnership in 2000 according to research by the National Association of Partners in Education. In fact, 76% of all small businesses represent the largest share of school partners followed by 61% of all medium-size corporations, and 42% of all large corporations.

A perfect example of a school-business partnership is the Philadelphia School Partnership, which is a collaboration of small businesses and the Philadelphia Public School District. The Philadelphia School Partnership established a five-year goal to raise $100 million and to strategically invest the funds in initiatives that will directly increase student performance across Philadelphia. As of October 2011 the Philadelphia School Partnership have seeded this fund with $16 million.


Another example is the New York City School PENCIL Partnership, which united a New York City school with 500 local businesses to generate annual gross revenue ranging between $185,000 to 260,000 each year from their school-business partnership. A businessperson can tell students firsthand the importance of knowing algebra and writing well.


Adopt-A-School Financial Plan
Our Adopt-A-School Campaign creats a cost-effective collaboration that provides your school with human resources to generate revenue with no initial cost to your school district - while creating an opportunity for us to offer our Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP) to 24 students as they learn how to take an idea of their own and turn it into a profitable business, which is used to create an additional income stream for your school. Click here for more information.