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Community Business Resource Council (CBRC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit economic development corporation helping our clients to solve their critical business challenges. Our mission is to create growth for our clients so that they can create jobs for other people.


How Does Our Service Grant Program Create Growth For You?

We award service grants four (4) times throughout the year to help our clients hire our team of professionals dedicated to bringing together resources in order to implement a strategic growth plan. Our service grants process is simple. It is designed for those who are poised for financial growth; but may need technical assistance. You may request a service grant application online today. There is absolutely no risk or obligation.


Why Should You Apply For a Service Grant?

Our business strategies accelerate growth for our clients - driving them to create more jobs. We offer service grants to help our clients hire our team of professionals. We have generated over $200 million helping businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs obtain financial growth without debt financing from banks (Click Here To see How We Do it). Our performance evaluation is based on our ability to create growth for you. All of our profit earned from serving our clients goes to support many community outreach programs.


What is Our Approach?

Our approach begins by interviewing your highest-level executives on what they want to accomplish. This open discussion helps us to (1) obtain a clear understanding of your vision, and (2) clarify all of your critical business challenges. Next, we conduct a diagnostic strategic growth analysis to help us diagnose all of your business problems with quantitative and qualitative data, which is used to help us create business solutions designed to help you grow more efficiently. We will assign a Chief Business Strategist to work with your management to develop and implement your Strategic Growth Plan.


Look at our Service Grant Program in action (2:48)